Mrs. Underhill

Welcome to the Fifth Grade!  I am thrilled to welcome you to my class and look forward to a wonderful, exciting school year!  This year will be full of opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.  We will be learning to manage  time, work together, develop good study habits, and set goals to be the best we can be!

In my Social Studies class you will learn about the history of the United States of America.  We will begin our studies in the 1850's and the events leading to the Civil War.  We will also cover Reconstruction, Westward Expansion, Industrialization and Early Immigration, The Gilded Age, Segregation, the Progressive Era, The Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, WWI, WWII, The Cold War, The Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights Movement.  As you can see, we will be busy and there is much to learn.  I always try to incorporate ways to compare and contrast modern day America to our history, and I hope this will encourage all of us to be aware and informed about our history and our future.  

In Reading you will be introduced to many exciting novels and texts.  We will explore different genres and work together to have a deeper understanding of our reading material.  We will also be focused on building knowledge for all content areas, so please expect to read lots of historical fiction and also informational texts.  Students will be expected to read independently in my classroom and at home.  My goal is to create a love of reading that reaches far beyond my classroom!