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Drama Club

CMS Club

In April 2024, The Coopertown Middle School Drama club put on the production The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.  

Name Role
Jodi Axley Director
Jenny Meacham Assistant Director
Hannah Wagner Assistant Director
Ava Alford Dirk Merchant, Prince, Prince 2, Cinderella
Edwin Angel Actor, Hansel, Dwarf 1, King
Carlie Atkinson Narrator 1, Rumpelstiltskin, Johannes
Hazel Boates Enchantress, Witch, Witch 2
Katey Hall Rapunzel
Zaniyah Lucas The Devil, Gretel, Raven
Magdalena Ortega Plinkie Pie
Daverick Payne Audience Member
Lily VanKirk Narrator 2, Dwarf 2
Emari Wright Girl, Snow White, Queen
Robertson County Players Lightning & Sound


Special Thanks goes to:

        1) Robertson County Schools for supporting this production

         2) Coopertown Middle School for their support and allowing use to use their auditorium for rehearsals and performances

         3) The Robertson County Players for their technical assistance on the production

Please check back for future performances.  If you or your student is interested in auditioning for CMS Drama, please contact Jodi Axley (